How it works

Step 1

Request a consultation by filling out our online request form.

We aim to answer all consultation requests within 1-2 working days of receipt. Please note that the consultation itself is unlikely to be scheduled to occur within 1-2 days of us receiving your request. We understand that when your pet is ill, waiting for a consultation can be a worrying time. We endeavour to schedule consults in a timely manner.

Consults cannot be scheduled to take place immediately after receipt of your request, as we need a little time to ensure we have all of your pet’s history from your local vet, assign the most appropriate specialist and for the specialist to review your pet’s case in advance of the consultation.

Step 2

We will contact you with an appointment date and time.

We offer consultations from 8 am-10 pm, every day of the week (Monday-Sunday). The availability of certain days and times will vary depending on which specialist you need to speak with.

When requesting your appointment, you will be asked to select your preferred days and times. Selecting as many potential days and times as possible makes it easier to schedule your consultation in a timely fashion, but we understand that sometimes your availability may be limited. Please see our Terms and Conditions for information if you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment.

Step 3

We collect and review all of your pet’s previous history and test results in advance of your consultation

Prior to your consultation, your specialist will review your pet’s previous history and the results of any tests which have already been performed. This ensures that your specialist is up-to-date with your pet’s condition and that you and your pet get the most from your consultation.

Please note that we cannot carry out consultations without having access to your pet’s history. In accordance with GDRP, you will need to contact the reception at your local practice and give them permission to share your personal details along with your pet’s history, with Vet Specialists Online.

It is useful to do this immediately so that we can get all of the history and test results and schedule your consultation as soon as possible. You can help speed up this process by asking your local practice to send your pet’s history and all test results to us when you contact them to leave your permission for data sharing.

Don’t worry if you forget to ask them to send your pet’s history – we will contact them for this regardless. The most important thing is to make sure you contact them to give your permission for data sharing. You can also send us pictures and videos of your pet in advance of the consultation.

Step 4

Your video or telephone consult takes place

The 40-minute consultation with your specialist takes place. No special equipment or software downloads are required. If you have chosen a telephone consultation, we will phone you. If you have chosen a video consultation, all you will need to do is follow the link in your appointment confirmation email – no need to download any extra software to your device.

During your consultation, the specialist will discuss your pet’s condition and you will be able to ask any questions that you might have. You will be able to discuss any and all aspects of your pet’s condition, from the diagnosis (if one has already been made) or the tests that might be required to reach a diagnosis, through to treatment options and prognosis.

Step 5

You receive a written summary of what was discussed during your consultation

Having a consultation can be a worrying time and it is almost impossible to remember everything that you and your specialist discussed!

After your consultation, you will receive a written summary of what was discussed and of the recommendations going forward for your pet.

Your local veterinary surgeon will also receive a copy of this summary so that they are kept informed of the discussion and can help you even more with regard to your pet’s condition.

*Please note that the behaviour medicine and nutrition services work in a different way than that outlined above. Please see the relevant service page for more details.

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