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Upload any photos or test results (please email any videos separately to [email protected]). Please note that photos, videos and any additional files can be submitted separately and after submission of this form. We will also contact your local vet to request any previous test results.

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.

Your primary care practice details

Please ensure you call your primary care practice as soon as possible, to provide consent for your details and your pets medical history to be shared with Vet Specialists Online. The consented sharing of data between veterinary professionals is common, and this request will not be considered unusual by your primary care practice. We will not be able to schedule your consultation until this has been done.

Consultation date and time

Please note that, depending on which specialist you need to consult with, we may arrange the consultation type which we think will be most beneficial. If we arrange for your consultation to be carried out via one method, but you would really prefer the other, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your preference.

Please note that for consultations in nutrition, all consultations are provided in writing following complete review of your pet’s case (including their clinical records and previous test results), and you will not speak directly with our clinical nutrition specialist.

Selecting as many potential days and times makes it easier for us to schedule your consultation for the earliest available slot. We always endeavour to find a day and time which suits you but please note that, depending on which specialist you need to consult with, not all days and times may be available.

Morning Afternoon Evening

Please note that you will be contacted via your provided email address with confirmation of your consultation date and time. In certain instances we may call you to discuss the scheduling of your consultation.

Insurance details

Please note that we may need to screen your policy in advance of agreeing to a direct claim. This is mainly to determine if you have any policy exclusions. Please see our Terms and Conditions regarding insurance claims for more details.

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